The Elementary Level

The elementary program has been designed for the students possesing zero level of Russian and for those who know just a few words. To pass two stages of elementary level you'll need 80-120 аc./hours.

Stage 1

The alphabet, studying of 300 new words, competent pronunciation, spelling and reading, studying of paramount grammar. Upon termination of you seize the colloquial and written Russian connected with household situations and real events, occuring in a daily life.

Stage 2

Fastening of the material which has been passed at 1-st stage, gradual mastering by time forms of verbs, case system, more than 300 new expressions, perception on hearing of Russian speech, fast reaction to the questions set by the teacher and skill to set passers. Upon termination of this stage the lexicon of the student makes 750 words.

The Basic level

The basic programme has been designed to allow students at the elementary stage to accelerate their knowledge of Russian.

Stage 1

You improve the knowledge in sphere of «every day» lexicon. Thus verbs of the perfect and imperfect kind, an adverb, a pronoun, adjectives, participles and verbal adverbs are actively used in speech. More than 400 new expressions. You can make the message on a theme " My family «, „Health", „Vacation", „Phone conversation", » My hobby «, etc.

Stage 2

At this stage you reach a high level of knowledge of grammar. Special texts of «business» sphere of Russian, the firms connected with work, marketing and advertising are entered into lexicon. At the given stage also the «public» sphere also is considered. You can transfer and estimate the information heard on TV, read through in the newspaper.

Stage 3

Your conversation becomes very active, its rate is accelerated, almost full knowledge of grammar. The subjects of «cultural» sphere is included in lexicon — history of Russia, history of becoming of Moscow and other cities, conversations about scientists and cultures. Conversations are entered into practice of dialogue on products of the Russian writers

The Intermediate level

The intermediate programme has been designed to allow students at the basic stage to accelerate their knowledge of Russian language.

The programme includes perfection of knowledge of the case system, the use of times and verbal aspects, verbs of motion with prefixes and without prefixes. You improve the knowledge in sphere of «every day» lexicon. The accent — on complex grammar and speaking.

The Advanced level

At this stage you have free possession of a spoken language in different situations, the big lexicon, full knowledge of grammar, opportunity to read not adapted literature in Russian language. Advanced level allows to conduct a professional activity in Russian.

Government standards

Test examples according to it's level: A-1 / A-2 / B-1 / B-2 / C-1