About us

In 2012 the Center of Russian Language and Culture «Russian Academy» has been founded in Togliatti. The main aim of the Center is to foster the study of Russian language in the international context and to organize activities able to promote the treasures of Russian culture. Thanks to the agreement signed with the RUDN University of Moscow, the Center has been recognized as one of the accredited center in the international certification of Russian language.

Togliatti (Stavropol on Volga till 1964) is a city in Russian Federation, Samara Region. It is located on the left bank of the river Volga (Kuybishev reservoir), in 95 km to northwest from Samara. Togliatti is railway station and big port on Volga. The population of Togliatti is 725,5 thousand. There is the first-rate Russian motorcar, ship-repair, electrotechnical factories and also there are enterprises of chemical, light, food industries. In Togliatti starts ammonia wire Togliatti-Odessa.