Our Internship Program offer to international students the opportunity to do a work-oriented experience in Russia. The amount of working hours per week is 40 and the organization provides a pocket money to the intern (its size it depends on the qualification of the intern). The internship could be finalize to the hiring of the intern. How does the internship structure?

  • Intensive course of Russian Language at Togliatti Center of Russian Language and Culture (4 weeks – at least)
  • Internship in the office of one of the partner organizations (4 weeks, 20/40 hours a week, two days off a week)

If the student has already a proficient knowledge of Russian language (at least level B2), he can choose either to attend a two-weeks course of Russian language or to attend a complementary work-oriented project. Period of the internship: 2-12 months

Business field of the partner organizations:

  • Food service and hospitality
  • Buying and selling
  • Entertainment industry
  • PR/Advertising
  • Import/Export
  • Graphic design
  • Car-producing industry
  • Tourism
  • Mass Media
  • Sport
  • Publishing
  • Information-Technology (IT)
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • NGO
  • Education
  • Cultural venues

Certificates issued at the end of the internship:

  • Certificate of Russian Language in accordance with the level of proficiency achieved (SGBA)
  • International certificate TORFL (RUDN Moscow)
  • Recommendation letter from the organization in which the internship has been done


  • Age between 18 and 40 years
  • Knowledge of Russian language (at least level A2)

What the Internship Program does include?

1. Registration fee at SGBA

2. Invitation letter needed to apply for the visa

3. Course of Russian language:

  • Standard group (4-10 students): 80 academic hours (4 academic hours/5 days a week)
  • Mini-group (2-3 students): 60 academic hours (3 academic hours/5 days a week)
  • Private classes: 40 academic hours (2 academic hours/5 days a week)

4. Internship in the organization that the applicant had choose and registration to its Office

5. Tutor in the Office of the organization for the whole period of the internship (4 weeks).

6. Accommodation in a double/triple room in a three-room apartment

Cost of the internship program: 60 000 rubles

Services not included in the Internship Program:

  • Food
  • Excursions
  • Visit of museums, theaters, cinema
  • Sporting events

How to enroll to the internship program