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A1 Level

This course is intended for people who have started learning Russian. The presence of texts of high complexity makes it possible to use them as corrective course on higher levels till receiving the first certificate ТРКИ (test in Russian as foreign language) . Grammatical and speaking courses are combined in order to master different aspects of language, such as grammar and informal language due to the exercises and discussions in class. From the start of the course international words and loanwords are actively used. This enables to:

  • get to know the alphabet of the language easily;
  • overcome psychological barrier in thinking that Russian is one of the most difficult languages in the word;
  • expand the vocabulary.

In collecting the grammatical material most frequent mistakes, made by foreigners, were taken into account. Grammar is introduced gradually, for example, there could not be perfective verbs in exercises till studying them. The texts for most lessons, especially for last lessons, are divided into two groups according to the level of the difficulty: on the one hand there are simple texts which illustrate the topic of the lesson and on the other hand there some texts of high complexity, which can be read as in class as at home. The duration of course is about 120 hours, but this duration can be changed in smaller or larger quantity of hours. It is possible to prolong the course adding extra material, creative, playing tasks and writing tests.

This course is intended for native speakers of European languages.
The course can be held in other languages.


И МО I укладка плитки на пол I цены,м2.