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The information about our city, Togliatti

Togliatti (Stavropol on Volga till 1964) is a city in Russian Federation, Samara Region. It is located on the left bank of the river Volga (Kuybishev reservoir), in 95 km to northwest from Samara. Togliatti is railway station and big port on Volga. The population of Togliatti is 725,5 thousand. There is the first-rate Russian motorcar, ship-repair, electrotechnical factories and also there are enterprises of chemical, light, food industries. In Togliatti starts ammonia wire Togliatti-Odessa.

Stavropol on Volga was founded by Vasiliy Tatishew as fortress in 1737. The status of the city Stavropol on Volga received in 1780. In August 1851 after the strongest fire the city was almost destroyed by the fire. During the long period of time Stavropol was thought to be small provincial town. In 1950 the part of the town located in a low place was flooded by the Kuybishev reservoir while the hydro power on Volga was building. This part was built again on the left bank of Volga in 18 km to constructing hydro power.

Since 1964 the name of the city is Togliatti (in honor of Italian communist Palmiro Togliatti). The constructing of motorcar factory has been started here, to produce cars under license from FIAT. After that the city developed at a rapid pace. Togliatti is surrounded by the forest from three sides. The city is very scenic. Along the bank from the river port there are municipal beaches and boating station. The central district of Togliatti was developed mostly in 1950s. There is the main square in the city center. On the bank of reservoir there is urban park with embankment and beach. There is a big amount of universities and institutes, drama theatres, puppet shows and museums in the city. Togliatti was Galina Mezenceva's native city

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