learn russian in the very heart of russia1Russian is one of the languages of intercultural communication, one of the six languages of the UN. People speak Russian in many countries all over the world and there is no difference if it is South or North America, Australia, Asia or the Middle East, everywhere we would find someone who can speak Russian. The language is the mirror of society's culture, history, modern times, victories and defeats. The Russian language is a window into fascinating and unforgettable world of Russian culture with more then millennial history uniting more the two hundred ethnical groups from North Pole to the Caucasus, from Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. 
The process of leaning a foreign language is a long but interesting way to go, but as it was said before you can not perform it appropriately without notion about the world it belongs and describes... So, we invite you to Learn Russian in the very heart of Russia. Our Academy offers unique educational programs which will evaluate your knowledge of Russian language on the proficiency level so you will find more opportunities for making you career and future as best as you can.
Today, Contemporary Academy of Business and Humanities is a prestigious educational institution which is managed according to European and world standards for educational quality systems and realizes its programs and projects all over the world. Finally, it is certified by International Education Society (IES, London)

7 pros to learn Russian with us:

  • Despite the fact that Togliatti is one of the 15 economical and industrial centers of Russia, life is much cheaper here then in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
  • All levels are presented (from A1 to C2)
  • It is always possible to make your own timetable (if you choose individual lessons) according to your needs and preferences
  • Our teachers are experienced linguists who were certified as teachers of Russian language as a foreign and continue to improve their levels of proficiency by doing refresher courses and upgrading their professional skills.
  • You can realize you dream of traveling though Russia or take some excursion by choosing from great variety of tourist programs are offered on our site
  • You will discover Russia and feel it how it is
  • Togliatti is quite close to the Moscow, capital of Russia. It takes only 1 hour to get there if you travel by plane or 2 hours if you would like to see Saint-Petersburg which is ex-capital of Russia and its cultural center nowadays, "city of palaces " and that is how Russians call it. You can also visit Kazan (4 hours by bus). So, living in the very heart of Russia you can spend several days in the most famous and beautiful cities of this land

learn russian in the very heart of russia1